Normandy is vulnerable to climate change. By 2100, two-thirds of the coast will be affected by erosion, the salinization of fresh water will increase and the sea level will rise. Normandy's coastal towns are exposed to these dangers. The speed and height of sea level rise – up to 1.8 meters in seventy years – will be directly linked to how the human species chooses to behave. This series imagines the city and its coast at the end of the Anthropocene through two scenarios: one dystopian and the other biopunk (a genre of science fiction). The first evokes the urgency to act and recalls, alas, the laissez-faire attitude of States at the global level. The second imagines a future where adapted “organisms” live among us. This series aims to trigger reflection on the kind of future we want to help create.

The work was produced during an artist residency that took place in March 2022 in Houlgate, France for the Festival "Les Femmes S'Exposent"

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