UV print on glass, 2017

the work is the result of an artist residency that adressed the

Mediterranean Landscape and posed the question:

how do landscapes shape human imagination?

#0dy55ey was a process of communication and collection via the submarine internet cable web that slithers on the ocean bed of the Mediterranean Sea - an underwater

landscape that no one sees but one that carries tremendous amounts of data

after having identified the 78 locations of submarine cable stations along the Mediterranean coast, i used the geotag function to find people living in those towns via instagram and asked them to donate one photo of the sea that they have taken

with the sky removed, the focus lies on the sea and coast that host this invisible network that binds the different countries together

this work was created during the La Ville Ouverte/Mediterranean Landscapes residency program

installation exhibited during Mediterranea 18 in Tirana, Albania

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